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The Legacy Farm Project is deeply rooted in history, tracing its origins back to the establishment of Canadian Pacific Railway (C.P.R.) in 1881. The C.P.R. aimed to encourage settlers to establish homesteads along its route and undertook irrigation projects to make unsuitable lands productive. The Strathmore Supply Farm, established in 1908, played a vital role, renowned for its dairy herd's productivity and livestock breeding program.

The Legacy Farm Project's vision is to become a leading agricultural tourism destination and business hub in the Calgary region. It encompasses various land use areas, including Legacy Farm, an RV resort and seniors village, highway commercial spaces, institutional and educational sites, and an agri-industry area.

Our mission is to be an internationally recognized destination for Agricultural Stewardship, Tourism, and Innovation, fostering community connections, educating visitors, and promoting agri-business. The project symbolizes the convergence of AgriTourism, AgriProcessing, and AgriInnovation, with a commitment to sustainability, cultural appreciation, and the fusion of past and future agriculture.

In collaboration with various MOUs, the Legacy Farm Project bridges the past and future of agriculture. Our partnerships aim to advance agricultural stewardship, tourism, and innovation while preserving our unique histories. We aspire to attain international recognition and inspire future generations by celebrating the profound link between our past and visionary future.

Our Team

Bruce Klaiber


Bruce and his family moved to the farm in the 1950's and still to this day, he leads the vision behind the Legacy Farm Project. This project was lead with the support of internationally recognized urban planning and design team of Michael von Hausen and with support from Legacy Farm ASP Working Group.

Scott Silva

Director Of Business Development

Scott's 20+ years of Business Development, Marketing, and Sales in real estate have been behind many successful projects in Strathmore and adjacent Wheatland County. He looks to his experience, network and knowledge with his passion for giving back to the community with the Legacy Farm Project.

Ryan Greir

Agriculture and Energy Partnerships

Ryan's 15+ years in energy alongside his passion for Agriculture, sustainability and innovation, drew him to the project and to assist in development of the Legacy Farm. Ryan leads the agriculture and energy partnership discussions with our regional and private stakeholders.

Spencer Hilton

Hilton Ventures and Origin Malting

The HIlton family was one of the first families that immigrated to Strathmore in 1910, got off the train and were immediately introduced to all aspects of Agriculture Life. This was thanks to the 'state of the art' CPR Demonstration Farm. Officially known as the “Canadian Pacific Railway – Supply Farm #1”. Spencer is now able to showcase his family legacy, at the Legacy Farm

Rob McDonald

Agronomy Advisor Manager of Agronomic Excellence BASF

Rob leads a group of skilled Agronomists located across Western Canada focused on developing innovative approaches to enhancing Invigor canola yields and profitability.

Bob Blatter

Hydrogen Advisor CEO Cariboo Low Carbon Fuels

Bob started Cariboo, with a vision to develop clean fuel projects in way that provides lasting benefits to the community. Bob’s focus has been on developing a suite of Cariboo project opportunities in strategic locations. He has brought together a team of senior executives with the experience and skills to deliver the clean fuel and hydrogen projects.

Dan Cloutier

Renewable Energy and Bio-Gas Advisor Agri Hub

Dan founded Agro Resilience Kit (ARK), with his sons. In a strategic alliance with Sprung Structures and AgriHub, ARK has successfully sold and implemented unique, patented alternative energy systems from Anguilla to Columbia to the United States and across Canada. Dan’s past projects include but not limited to; spearheading the first Gold LEED building in Alberta, Cardel Place.

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